Black Hat SEO

In the realm of SEO, black hat is the unethical approach to SEO and should always be avoided at all costs. Webmasters think the black hat SEO will bump their rankings quickly and sit on top of Google. That's not the case. At some point will be caught and bumped right out of the search engines and permanently banned.

Avoid shortcuts and clearly address of any company that promises you grim search engine ranking # 1 at night for a ridiculously low price (the fair TIMO cries!) Any practice that deliberately deceive the search engines should be avoided . The black hat only hurts the long term.

The black hat SEO includes the following unethical practices:

* Filling the keyword - putting too many keywords in your content / website (it has no such sense)
* Hidden text - that is putting white text against a white background
The mask - one thing visitors see on websites but the content is presented in a different way to search engine spiders.
* Doorway pages - these pages for a way to hide (these "fake" pages do not have any?? No real content and are created to trick spiders and to align for keywords only).
* Filling the cookie - cookies are strings of text saved in the Web browsers on computers (as a result of third-party sites). The catch: Consumers visit that Web site within 60 days (a cookie is saved for 60 days) and make a purchase - as a result, the affiliate receives a commission from the sale fraudulent.
* Redirects - creating a full page of unique content and once you have aligned high, you redirect to another page on your site (ie your shopping cart page)

Aligning # 1 on Google
You can get to the top when it comes to Google rankings. First, you need to figure out how much you know about SEO and investigates the competition in its market. When you do so at the top of Google, the great things happening for you and your company! You start to get busy and you have MORE than enough business / customers.

Check out these white tips of the hat following:

* Spend at least 30 minutes a day working on your SEO - it pays to do this everyday worthwhile investment for your site / company!
* You do not have to know everything about SEO - there is much conflicting information out there. Investigate the various sites, resources, etc.. and choose what works best for your site / company!
* Outsource SEO work to a professional if you feel like you do not know enough about SEO - however, it helps to know the basics of SEO. A good SEO expert will always guide you in the right direction and investigate the companies / agencies reputable and make sure you hire an SEO pro!

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