Positioning of images: Image Optimization for Google

There are ways to optimize your image to come out in the first results for a given search. Optimizing these images is not as complicated as many think, the factors that influence the positioning of images are:

Filename: You have to put a name according to how you find your image. A name containing the keywords. For example, if you have a picture of a 1970 Pontiac GTO, Pudes not upload the photo with the name you put the camera default img1968.jpg have to raise it with the name Pontiac GTO-1970.jpg

The ALT attribute: Make sure you provide an adequate description of the photo with the ALT attribute. This attribute was intended for display in text browsers that do not bear the images (many years ago). Try not to use too much text. Focus on a text containing keywords that accurately describe the picture.

Title and text: The title gives you a better idea of what Google imagen.Al treated like the text surrounding the image.

Anchor Text (Text Link): When you link an image using the appropriate link text. It's like the anchor text you use for enlzar pages.

Google Image Labeler: Use Google Image Labeler http://images.google.com/imagelabeler/ this will help your images in scrambled the top of the search engines allowing others to categorize your pictures. It's a pretty fun tool. Simply enable the Google Image Labeler from Google Webmaster console.

These tips will get you a better position your pictures and therefore have more traffic to your web site.


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